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Markus Popp, founder, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #13 – Markus Popp: Success, Failure and Everything In Between

Markus Popp (

September 7, 2017

7:54 – The importance of your economic footprint
15:36 – Realizing you’ve chosen the wrong strategy
27:20 – The hard parts of entrepreneurship
35:11 – Does anyone have the recipe for success?
46:29 – Advice for young entrepreneurs

About Markus Popp and tilllate

Markus Popp is best known as the founder of, a party event platform with photo gallery and community features. In 2009, Markus left and embarked on a half-year inspirational sabbatical. Upon his return, he founded the company builder Mühlemann & Popp Online Media AG together with one of his co-founders at, Silvan Mühlemann. Next to being engaged at Mühlemann & Popp, Markus has launched various other digital startups such as SOBRADO or Markus has a Masters in Management, Technology and Economics from ETH Zurich.

Memorable Quotes by Markus Popp

“Material goods don’t motivate me. This gives me a lot of freedom.”

“A lot of people mystify entrepreneurship — and this attitude creates a lot of disappointment.”

“Failure should not be stigmatized — it should be talked about.”

If you would like to listen to more conversations about failure and starting over, check out our episode with Peter Schüpach.

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