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Mikhail Kokorich, founder Destinus, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #251 - Mikhail Kokorich: Travel By Hyperplane

Mikhail Kokorich

June 30, 2022

6:26 - MBAs aren’t just for managers

12:22 - Covering any distance in less than 2h

15:43 - When hydrogen will become cheaper

24:34 - Building a hyperplane prototype in 4 months

29:33 - Dealing with aviation regulation

About Mikhail Kokorich:

Mikhail Kokorich is the founder and CEO of Destinus, an aerospace company building hyperplanes to provide the fastest transportation on earth. He studied business administration back in Russia and also went on to complete executive programs at Stanford, and co-founded several companies such as Astro Digital, Exact Farming and Momentus.

Founded in 2021, Destinus is developing an extremely fast aircraft capable of moving cargo between continents in 1-2 hours. This vehicle will be a hybrid between an airplane and a rocket— they call it a hyperplane. It runs on hydrogen, which allows you not only to build incredibly powerful engines but also to cool them, so that overheating does not become an issue at that type of speed. Hydrogen-fueled hyperplanes are also carbon neutral.

Hydrogen is not yet affordable, but from his talks with hydrogen producers Mikhail estimates that within 3-5 years, some selected airports will have it available at a reasonably low price; in 5-10 years, almost any airport will have it; and after 10 years it will hopefully become one of the primary fuels for aviation.

After having built their first prototype in just 4 months, Destinus estimates that within 3 years a hyperplane MVP will be available for testing, but not yet for commercial use — for that they require certification. In the meantime their MVP will allow them to start generating some revenue and prove customer interest.

Memorable Quotes:

"With Hyperplanes, you will be able to fly to Tokyo to have dinner with your friends, fly back afterwards and sleep in your own bed."

"In ten years’ time hydrogen will hopefully become one of the main fuels for aviation."

Resources Mentioned:

Y Combinator

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