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Murielle Schreck, co-founde qCella, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #374 - Murielle Schreck: The ETH Spin-Off Making Futuristic Heating Pads

Murielle Schreck

February 5, 2024

4:25 - Three technical co-founders

6:37 - Completing Venture Kick

8:34 - qCella’s heated mats 

10:25 - The challenge of finding the right people 

12:28 - Having two rather different products

About Murielle Schreck:

⁠Murielle Schreck⁠ is the co-founder and CEO at ⁠qCella⁠, an ETH spin-off impregnating natural fibers with copper and using them to develop heating pads with superior properties compared to commercially available heating wires. She holds a PhD in Materials Science from ETH and started qCella as soon as she obtained her degree in 2021.

qCella mats have the proper electrical resistance across the entire structure so that they heat homogeneously when connected to a power source (e.g.: a battery). The thinness and smoothness of the heating mats allow for more energy-efficient heating by eliminating the need for a heat-losing upholstery layer between mat and human body. The heating mats can also be cut into any shape and size and are easily integrated into the final heated product.

qCella is currently raising a pre-seed round of CHF 600K, part of which through the ⁠Swisspreneur Syndicate⁠. They plan on using the funds to help launch their first product. Click ⁠here⁠ to learn more about the deal.

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