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Peter Schüpbach, board member Swiss Commerce, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #9 – Peter Schüpbach: How to Pack Up and Start Again

Peter Schüpbach (SwissCommerce)

May 5, 2017

3:18 – Why say no to a banking career
23:34 – Having to shut down your company
27:30 – Recovering from the crash
36:34 – Why you could not want to sell your company to Facebook
44:49 – Knowing when to move on

About Peter Schüpbach and SwissCommerce

Peter Schüpbach started his entrepreneurial career as a co-founder of Miracle Software AG back in 1986 and served as its Chief Executive Officer for more than 10 years. He grew the organization in 14 years to a 350 employee software company with offices in 5 countries and went public with an IPO at the Swiss Stock Exchange SWX in 1999. Today he is engaged in several start-up companies and is a member of the board of several organizations, for example SwissCommerce, an internet platform that builds and buys E-Commerce companies in special interest markets. He received the award “Business Angel of the Year” from the ASBAN (Swiss Business Angel Association) in 2005.

Memorable Quotes

“In the middle of a technological revolution, we rocked the market.”

“Only go international once you have your own market.”

“When you create something that shifts the paradigm, timing is very important.”

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