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Philipp Stauffer, Myriam Locher & Flavio Pfaffhauser, FYRFLY, Locatee & Beekeeper co-founders and CEOs, Swisspreneur Podcast

Ep #337 - Managing Startups in Difficult Times

Philipp Stauffer, Myriam Locher & Flavio Pfaffhauser

August 31, 2023

05:45 - Managing uncertain paths

06:38 - Advice for companies focusing on profitability

11:17 - How to look after employees in hard times

16:13 - Convincing people to invest in uncertain times

26:14 - Advice to early startups

About Philipp Stauffer, Myriam Locher & Flavio Pfaffhauser:

Philipp Stauffer is the co-founder and Managing Director of FYRFLY Venture Partners, an early-stage technology venture firm. Myriam Locher is the co-CEO of Locatee, a workplace analytics solution that transforms complex data into space utilization insights. Flavio Pfaffhauser is the co-founder and CIO at Beekeeper, which is changing how frontline businesses work. Philipp has a degree in Microeconomics from the University of Applied Sciences Zurich and an MBA in finance from the Wharton School. Myriam has a bachelor's in Economics from St. Gallen, and Flavio received both his qualifications from ETH, a bachelor's and a master's in computer science.

Our guests gave great insights into managing a startup, even during difficult times, and ways to navigate uncertainty, achieve profitability, take care of employees during challenging times, and adapt to changing growth patterns. They all stressed the importance of adaptability and customer-centricity, and spoke of the resilience of Swiss startups.

Phillip's main insights involve the experience of transitioning from being a co-founder to becoming an investor, and he highlights how investors are not moving to the "dark side" by moving away from building the company, but instead shifting their perspective of the business world. He is now based in California with FYRFLY.

Myriam, who has been involved with several startups, including DeinDeal and Star Global, has a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship. She talks about the evolving trends in the past two decades, particularly the growing necessity to seek US investments and relocate intellectual properties due to resource limitations in Switzerland, and underscores their global reputation for precision and thoroughness.

Lastly, Flavio sheds light on why Switzerland is an ideal home base for entrepreneurs. He cites excellent customer referrals, access to top talent, abundant capital, and of course, Swiss chocolate!

Memorable Quotes:

"During hard times, having a good trustworthy team is the most important thing, and with them you should never sugarcoat the truth” - Philipp Stauffer

“Taking time to listen is difficult:  it always feels like there is never enough time. But this is something you have to prioritize in order to optimize your work environment.” - Myriam Locher

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