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Tatiana Cogne, president START Lausanne, Swisspreneur Podcast
EP #117 - Tatiana Cogne: Startups In Lausanne

Tatiana Cogne (START Lausanne)

December 21, 2020
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1:39 – The START Lausanne
6:07 – The team
9:25 – The Covid challenge
11:58 – The resources of the Romandy ecosystem
15:09 – What’s next for Tatiana?

About Tatiana Cogne:

Tatiana Cogne is the President of START Lausanne and Head of Communication at Swiss Solar Boat. Tatiana joined START in 2019 as an event organizer, after having participated in START Hack and START Summit in St. Gallen. After 9 months as Event Organizer, she advanced to President of the chapter in June 2020. Under her leadership, START Lausanne has been reinventing itself over and over again during the last couple months in order to comply with ever changing COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. Beyond that, Tatiana initiated the forming of a network of entrepreneurship organizations across the Swiss Romandy: rather than each organization working independently in their city, they now collaborate on news distribution and other opportunities. START Lausanne offers events, workshops and mentoring to students and other people interested in entrepreneurship. They also organize the START Contest, a 6 month-long competition where startups receive support to refine their business idea and potentially win a CHF 30k prize.

START Lausanne is one of 10 chapters of the START Global organization in Europe. START Global was founded in 1996 out of the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and has since become one of Europe’s top startup events.

Memorable Quotes:

“When I finish my presidency at START Lausanne, I want to do so with the knowledge that I motivated every single one of my colleagues to surpass themselves.”

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