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Vincenzo Neidhardt, managing partner Helga, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #274 - Vincenzo Neidhardt: The Revolutionary AI Music Manager

Vincenzo Neidhardt

November 14, 2022

1:48 - Being passionate about music

9:32 - Helga’s origin story

18:25 - Management tasks in the music industry

32:22 - Creating trust

36:56 - Tokenizing shares with Daura

About Vincenzo Neidhardt:

Vincenzo Neidhardt is the Managing Partner at Helga, a hyper-focused digital manager that specializes in the use of data in the music world. He holds a BSc in Business Administration from HWZ and previously co-founded the booking agency Garasch Musig.

Helga tackles an issue very relevant to our current music industry: unlike in the past, when music artists worked with a single label for a long stretch of time, today’s musicians work with several music labels simultaneously, and therefore have multiple pay sources – their main concern is, therefore, keeping track of whether or not they’re actually getting paid, and, if they weren’t adequately compensated, having the analytics software necessary to approach the defaulting party with the data to back it up. It’s estimated that there are $2.5b missing in the music market due to this type of occurrence.

Helga has yet to properly launch, and most of their employees are also students on the side. They are currently raising CHF 600K and have chosen to tokenize their shares with daura. Learn more about the advantages of this unconventional financing route by visiting .

Memorable Quotes:

"As a musician who studied business administration, I see every artist as a small company."

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