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Alexandre Laybros, co-founder WattAnyWhere, Swisspreneur Podcast
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3:33 - Range anxiety with electric vehicles

10:40 - Incubating in both Switzerland and France

14:41 - Why award recognition is key

20:42 - Identifying the right launch customers

23:26 - Organizing a demo day

About Alexandre Laybros:

Alexandre Laybros is the co-founder and deputy CEO and CMO at WattAnyWhere, a startup offering off-grid renewable electricity for BEV fast-charging. He holds a masters in Electrical Engineering from ENSEA and previously worked for companies like Thales and Honeywell.

EV owners now require ultra-fast chargers of renewable energy, anywhere, but the deployment is currently slow and costly, mainly due to lengthy studies (up to 2 years), and high cost to connect to the grid. Together with EPFL, Helbio and Elcogen, WattAnyWhere provides a long-term solution with Solid Oxide Fuel Cell-based mobile generators that consume ethanol, are ultra-silent, and deployable anywhere within 1 month.

WattAnyWhere recently successfully closed a pre-seed round and are currently enjoying market traction provided by trusted partners, such as charge point operators and utility companies in Switzerland and France.

Memorable Quotes:

"There is no single solution to the electrification of all our equipment and industries."

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