Katja Berlinger, CEO Swiss Medi Kids, Swisspreneur Podcast
EP #71 - Katja Berlinger: How Passion Leads To Success

Katja Berlinger (Swiss Medi Kids)

May 14, 2020
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2:00 – Going from journalism, to law, to business
13:22 – Being the youngest board member around
20:00 – Determining founding values
27:32 – Finding the balance between commitment and change
36:16 – Having a stay at home husband

About Katja Berlinger and Swiss Medi Kids

Katja Berlinger is the CEO of Swiss Medi Kids and a professional board member. Katja started out as a journalist at the publication “Cash”. She quickly realized that she’d rather have an impact herself than write about people who do. Consequently, she turned to her law degree and became an associate at the law firm von der Crone, where she worked on the Swissair lawsuit. Once again, she concluded that this career path was not for her. She switched gears and joined a tech startup as their corporate sales manager. From there, she set herself up to become a professional board member and today holds more than 5 board member seats.  

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