Nicholas Hänny, co-founder NIKIN, Swisspreneur Podcast
EP #99 - Nicholas Hänny: Swiss Sustainable Fashion

Nicholas Hänny (Nikin)

September 17, 2020
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5:40 – Why go through college?
10:08 – Going from idea to execution
21:15 – Building a startup part-time
35:33 – Building a community behind a brand
48:54 – Turning investors down

About Nicholas Hänny and Nikin

Nicholas Hänny is the co-founder and CEO of Nikin, a sustainable fashion startup. Nicholas started Nikin in 2016 together with his childhood friend Robin Gnehm. Within only 4 years, the startup grew to 30 employees and CHF 7.2 m revenue. In 2019, Nicholas received the “Aargauer of the Year Award” as recognition for his work with Nikin. Nicholas has a background in marketing and business administration. He holds a Master of Arts in Business Innovation from the University of St. Gallen and was part of the CEMS program.

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