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Vivek Dogra, Arijana Walcott, Lukas André & Dominique Gruhl, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #363 - VCs on Stage

Vivek Dogra, Arijana Walcott, Lukas André & Dominique Gruhl

December 14, 2023

6:29 - Looking for investors for your fund

13:08 - Managing investor relationships

19:56 - Deeptech in Europe

22:55 - Investing in very early stage companies

30:23 - Increasing legislation

About Vivek Dogra, Arijana Walcott, Lukas André & Dominique Gruhl:

⁠Vivek Dogra⁠ is a venture partner at the ⁠European Circular Bioeconomy Fund⁠, the leading investment fund dedicated to growth-stage companies and projects within the European Bioeconomy. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics from PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh (India) and an MBA from INSEAD. He previously worked for companies like Heineken, Red Bull and Nestlé before joining ECBF in 2020.

⁠Arijana Walcott⁠ is a co-founder and managing partner at ⁠DART Labs⁠, together with former Swisspreneur guest Sophie Lamparter. DART invests in early stage startups from Switzerland and Europe and helps them test and scale their ideas in San Francisco. Arijana holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in General Management from HSO and previously worked as VP Innovation & Technology at Swisscom.

⁠Lukas André⁠ is a managing partner at ⁠Redstone Digital⁠, a Berlin-based Venture Capital firm that manages multiple corporate and institutional venture funds. He holds a MSc in Finance, Entrepreneurship & Computer Science from the University of Bern and previously co-founded 3 startups before joining the VC world.

⁠Dominique Gruhl⁠ is the CEO of ⁠Serpentine Ventures⁠, the investment arm of the Swiss Ventures Group and leading Swiss advisor for venture assets. She holds an MA in Applied Economics from HEC Montréal and an MA in Art Gallery and Museum Studies from the University of Leeds. Dominique previously worked at A.T. Kearney and the Canadian Embassy in Bern before joining Serpentine Ventures in 2023.

During their chat with Silvan, the four spoke about the difficulties and intricacies of running a venture fund in Europe, exploring topics like how to manage investor relationships so as never to lose an investor’s trust, why deeptech is what sets Europe apart, and how the sustainability sector is shaping up in the current fundraising climate. 

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