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Ivan Cossu, co-founder Deskbird, Swisspreneur Podcast
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4:33 - Meeting your co-founders at a corporate job

14:31 - Taking advantage of inbound leads

16:31 - The Covid effect

22:54 - Standing out in the job market

30:51 - Preparing early for a round

About Ivan Cossu:

Ivan Cossu is the co-founder and CEO at Deskbird, a people-centric solution for a hybrid workspace. He has a background in economics and worked for a number of banks and consulting companies before venturing out onto entrepreneurship.

Deskbird came about during the start of the pandemic: Ivan and his co-founder Jonas Hess quickly came to the conclusion that Covid would cause a huge disruption in the workplace, and initially planned to tackle this with a B2B co-working marketplace. However, upon gathering customer feedback, they decided to pivot it to its current model, where each office is exclusive to each company but employees can book desks as they please for their in-office days.

Ivan is a strong believer that a strong culture can be built remotely just as well as in-office, as long as the team actively works to build it. Remote-first teams also benefit from much bigger talent pools, which may grant an advantage culture wise in the long run.

Memorable Quotes:

"I believe you can have a stronger company culture in a remote setting than in an in-person setting."

"As a remote-first company, you have a much wider talent pool."

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