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Jonas Urwyler & Nico Hauschke , co-founders Capt'n Greenfin, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #387 - Jonas Urwyler & Nico Hauschke: How to Make Fishing Sustainable

Jonas Urwyler & Nico Hauschke

April 1, 2024

4:52 - Hooked by the fishing industry 

6:56 - Why the market timing was right

14:15 - Product help from Innosuisse 

16:15 - 99% of fishing products are produced in Asia

19:34 - Fundraising through the Swisspreneur Syndicate

About Jonas Urwyler & Nico Hauschke:

⁠Jonas Urwyler⁠ is the co-founder and CEO at ⁠Capt’n Greenfin⁠, a fishing goods company striving to make fishing sustainable. He holds an MBA from the University of Freiburg and previously worked for companies like VZ VermögensZentrum and TIER Mobility before starting Capt’n Greenfin in 2021. ⁠Nico Hauschke⁠ is the General Manager of Germany and the EU at Capt’n Greenfin, and holds an MS in Digital Innovation & Business Transformation from the Steinbeis-Hochschule Schools of Next Practices. He worked for companies like RTL Group and Arvato Financial Solutions before joining Capt’n Greenfin in 2023.

It is estimated that 1’300 tons of plastic and another 1’300 tons of lead end up in European lakes every year due to lost fishing bait. If we add to this that the EU is planning on a complete ban of lead products by 2027, and is banning more and more single use plastic items, it becomes clear that in 2021 the timing was right to launch a sustainable fishing bait company. Capt’n Greenfin produces 100% biodegradable, protein-based bait which will not harm the environment if lost. They’re also conscientious about their packaging, and they produce in Europe, so as to avoid the environmental cost of transporting goods across the globe. 

They’re currently raising CHF 150K through the ⁠Swisspreneur Syndicate⁠ as part of their first fundraising round. Click ⁠⁠here⁠⁠ to learn more about the deal.

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