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Julian Massler, co-founder Aurum Fit, Swisspreneur Podcast
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1:16 - Discovering HIIT training

12:06 - How an injury leads to a company

22:30 - How a 6 min workout delivers results

35:18 - When COVID hit

51:41 - How Aurum stands out in the fitness market

About Julian Massler

Julian Massler is the co-founder and CEO at Aurum Fit, the data-driven high intensity strength training startup that promises results with just 6 min per week. Before starting his own company, Julian was a junior investment banker at GCA Altium, and he holds a bachelor's in Economics from the University of Konstanz.

Back in his gymnasium days, Julian belonged to Germany's national sailing squad, where he was told he needed to bulk up in order to really be competitive. This was when Julian was first introduced to the highly-effective High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HIIT teaches you that the most important thing is not the workouts themselves, but the resting periods in between, since our bodies were built to experience brief and intense bursts of exercise, followed by a lot of time laying around.

After university, Julian started working at GCA Altium as an investment banker, with the ultimate goal of reaching FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early). One day, his cubicle buddy Philipp asked him for fitness advice, and was surprised to hear Julian trained only once a week. Julian introduced Philipp to HIIT and thus a business idea was born.

Julian and Philipp felt gyms were not an adequate answer to people's needs: all they basically do is rent out equipment — which 1. most people don't know how to properly use, 2. has to be set up again and again, and 3. is sometimes quite the safety hazard. The results you obtain are also a pain to properly quantify and keep track of.

Julian and Philipp wanted to build facilities where coaches would always be available and where strength training was done with something better than weights — and so they built automated and highly sophisticated machines which measure the strength you're putting in and offer the same resistance, and which allow you to keep track of your achievements and break them down analytically.

Unlike regular gyms or fitness apps, Aurum Fit targets people who don't particularly enjoy exercising, and don't really know much about it. Their main customer personas are busy professionals, well-off retirees, and people recovering from injuries.

Currently they're trying to scale the company through franchising, and would like to venture further out into elderly care.

Memorable Quotes

"I have a lot of empathy for people, and that makes me a really good marketer."

"Strength is the most underrated health marker out there."

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