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Olga Dubey, co-founder AgroSustain, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP#229 - Olga Dubey: Pioneers In Natural Plant Protection

Olga Dubey

March 31, 2022

2:55 - Choosing between research and entrepreneurship

7:08 - Meeting a co-founder and future husband

13:09 - Global supply chain

14:34 - The challenge of certification

20:06 - Running a startup with your husband

About Olga Dubey:

Olga Dubey is the co-founder and CEO of AgroSustain, a one-stop-shop solution for biological plant protection that she created following her PhD in Plant Pathology, during which she met her husband and future AgroSustain co-founder.

AgroSustain produces natural, biological crop protection solutions. These solutions serve to reduce food waste by preventing the formation of molds both in the field and on the shelf. The product, which is invisible and does not smell, creates a very thin barrier around the food which leads it to reduce its respiration — according to Olga, this is the plant equivalent of “falling asleep”.

Memorable Quotes:

"A researcher isn’t just someone who sits in a lab all day. It’s someone who’s constantly developing their analytical abilities."

"When you run a startup, you learn something new every day. You never get bored."

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