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Julian Massler & Mathias Wegmüller, CEO & Business Developer, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #294 - Julian Massler & Mathias Wegmüller: The Power of Franchising

Julian Massler & Mathias Wegmüller

January 30, 2023

01:58 - How it all started

07:16 - What a franchising model is

16:53 -  A company vs a franchise

22:53 - Franchise system FAQs

31:14  - Future scope & mission 100

About Julian Massler & Mathias Wegmüller:

Julian Massler is the co-founder and CEO at AURUM Fit, a gym which provides innovative high-intensity fitness training. Julian Massler studied economics at the University of Konstanz. Mathias Wegmüller is an early investor and board member at AURUM Fit who studied environmental health at ETH.

Since starting in Switzerland in 2018, AURUM has disrupted the entire fitness industry and has grown exponentially through franchising. Franchises are business models in which an established brand allows an independent entity to own and operate a franchise based on its brand, business model, and other intellectual property. The AURUM franchising model has been enormously successful since its inception. With a 9 out of 10 franchise success rate, it has achieved unprecedented profitability. It offers a scalable opportunity with a proven business model that provides quick cash flow to those with a passion for fitness and entrepreneurship.

Franchise systems are sometimes underestimated, but AURUM Fit has demonstrated how profitable they can be. Mathias and Julian respond to the most frequently asked questions in order to address concerns about:

  • The minimum amount of equity required to start a franchise
  • How to promote the franchise
  • Who the intended customer should be
  • How the market operates
  • Earning predictability

As AURUM Fit expands, it wants to maximize its presence in Switzerland while also making its model more scalable globally. In the future, AURUM Fit intends to focus specifically on expanding its network in Zürich by doubling its locations, as well as opening more locations in lesser-known Swiss cities such as Thun. In the short term, AURUM Fit's focus is Mission 100: a goal to establish 100 locations in Switzerland within the next few years.

AURUM Fit believes that its objectives are attainable, as there is an increase in investment from financial institutions due to the scalability and profitability trends of franchises. Furthermore, as more people adopt a healthier lifestyle, AURUM Fit's appeal has the potential to thrive because it combines health and the lucrativeness of franchising to offer great value to franchisees and end customers who recognize the value of a fitness-based franchise brand.

Memorable Quotes:

“We always say cash is the blood of entrepreneurship.”

"Self-confidence is a crucial component to future success because if you fail at your first few businesses, you lose confidence."

If you would like to hear more about how the high-intensity 6-minute workout at Aurum Fit delivers results, check out our EP#169 with Julian Massler.

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