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Julie Maples, Co-founder and managing director of FYRFLY Ventures, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #287 - Julie Maples: A Founder's Guide to Fundraising

Julie Maples

January 2, 2023

03:52 - Building Trust with Potential Investors

07:54 - How to Split Your Time Fundraising and Managing Your Business

08:57 - Who Should be Involved in the Fundraising process

10:48 - The Advisory Board's Role in the Fundraising Process

15:29 - How Long the Fundraising Process Takes

About Julie Maples:

Julie Maples is a co-founder and managing director at FYRFLY Ventures, where she has made investments in companies such as Boundless,, and Mobi Systems, among others. She also serves on the board of the V Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports cancer research. At The Wharton School, she earned a BS in entrepreneurial management and an MA in Finance.

In this episode, Julie talks about raising funds and managing the demands fundraising takes on your time as a founder. As a founder, you should build trust with potential investors, determine who should be in charge of raising money, and divide your time well between fundraising and managing your business.

It has always been difficult for entrepreneurs to separate their personal life and their professional lives. No single issue should consume all of your time as a founder, and especially not fundraising. It's equally important to protect your mental health as it is to achieve your next milestone. It will always be an easier and more successful journey if you tend to yourself.

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Memorable Quotes:

“As a founder, it is important that you have an advisory board that opens doors for you.”

“It is important to keep a pulse on the status of the business to know when you are underperforming.”

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