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Karim Nemr, co-founder PXL Vision, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #138 - Karim Nemr: Wie Die Digitalisierung Dein Leben Verändern Wird

Karim Nemr (PXL Vision)

March 8, 2021

5:18 – Challenges at Dacuda
9:25 – Lead up to the Magic Leap acquisition
13:29 – How PXL vision emerged
29:02 – What is digitization
33:46 – Tools to help with digitization

About Karim Nemr

Karim Nemr is the co-founder and CBO (Chief Business Officer) at PXL Vision, an ETH spinoff focused on digital identity verification. Karim started his career as a business developer at Dacuda, the company founded by Swisspreneur guest Michael Born. He joined the company at a very early stage and was heavily involved in their later exit to the American company Magic Leap in 2017. After Dacuda had been acquired, he soon decided to leave the company for a new venture – PXL Vision – which he had conceived with 4 of his former Dacuda colleagues.

To date, PXL Vision is most renowned as the technology provider for the SwissID solution and for their customer verification and onboarding solutions for enterprises. In May 2020, PXL Vision secured CHF 4.6 m in seed financing. The investment round was led by SIX Fintech Ventures. The company has also been awarded the Swiss Economic Award and was admitted to the SEF Upscaler Program. Going forward, PXL Vision wishes to expand geographically and also branch out into additional use cases beyond customer onboarding.

Karim holds a Bachelor in International Business Administration and Hospitality Management from École Hôtèliere de Lausanne.

Memorable Quotes

“Aus KMU Sicht gilt es wirklich komplett neu zu denken. Digitalisierung ist nicht nur der Weg wie man den Kunden digital erreicht.”

To meet two other PXL co-founders, check out our conversations with Michael Born and Roxana Porada.

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