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Luiza Dobre, co-founder Komed Health, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #110 - Luiza Dobre: Revolutionizing Medical Care

Luiza Dobre (Komed Health)

November 26, 2020

7:35 – Reasons for leaving the corporate world
16:19 – Finding the right problem to solve
23:11 – Do solo founders work?
38:09 – Dealing with rejection
46:07 – The scalability issue

About Luiza Dobre and Komed Health

Luiza Dobre is the founder and CEO of Komed Health, a healthcare communications platform. She started Komed Health in 2016, after a long time toying with different ideas and struggling to find the right co-founder. Komed Health emerged from the realization that while communication is a challenge in every sector, in healthcare, the consequences of failed communicate faster and more effectively among themselves, which results in better decisions, a happier staff and healthier patients. With Marc Bornträger, Luiza Dobre has also finally found a technical co-founder to complement her skill set.

Before starting Komed Health, Luiza Dobre worked as marketing and sales specialist for major brands like Swarovski and Schindler. She also obtained a CEMS Master of International Management from the University of St. Gallen and ESADE Business School.

Luiza Dobre’s Favorite Resources

Be Obsessed Or Be Average, by Grant Cardone

Shoe Dog, by Phil Knight

Memorable Quotes

“I knew that I would only be the best version of myself if I were creating something.”

“I think life is too short to live in a certain country just because of a paycheck. To me, Switzerland is my home. My friends are here, I love the nature… I’ve found my place.”

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