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S. Manoj Harasgama, serial entrepreneur, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #389 - S. Manoj Harasgama: From Working at Shell to Building a ClimateTech Startup

S. Manoj Harasgama

April 4, 2024

3:50 - Being part of the Groupon story

13:05 - Getting a climate wake-up call

15:47 - From working for Shell to climate tech

17:46 - The problem Manoj is solving

20:19 - Pros and cons of hydrogen

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About S. Manoj Harasgama:

⁠S. Manoj Harasgama⁠ is a serial entrepreneur and startup investor. He’s been the founder/MD at ⁠Treatwell⁠, Unleash12, a venture capital company and ⁠⁠, and is currently working on a stealth ClimateTech venture. He holds an MA in Accounting and Finance from HSG and an M.Sc. in International Management from CEMS (RSM & HSG) and has worked both at the HQ for corporates like Shell and Adidas as well as at well-known scaleups like and Groupon.

Nowadays he’s working on a climate venture that has yet to fully launch, which has developed a technology that is ready for market today and allows gas turbines to run on zero carbon fuels like hydrogen. Were their tech to be applied, a 100 megawatt turbine, today emitting up to 600’000 tons of CO2 every year, would eliminate emissions and emit zero CO2. This is particularly impactful considering that gas emissions make up around ⅓ of all fossil fuel emissions.

Next to being a serial entrepreneur, Manoj also invests in promising early stage startups, and is a guest lecturer on Growth and Entrepreneurship at universities like the ESADE Lull University in Barcelona, the Technical University Munich and the Rotterdam School of Management. 

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