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Tigran Petrosyan, SuperAnnotate co-founder and president, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #332 - Tigran Petrosyan: Farewell PhD, Hello AI

Tigran Petrosyan

July 27, 2023

05:38 - Having no entrepreneurial background
13:31 - Why Tigran dropped out of his PhD program

17:15 - The industries targeted by SuperAnnotate

18:29 - The business model behind it

24:30 - The importance of mentorship support

About Tigran Petrosyan:

Tigran Petrosyan is the co-founder and president of SuperAnnotate, an end-to-end platform to annotate, version, and manage data for your AI. He spent much of his life in academia, starting with a Bachelor's in Physics from Yerevan State University in his home country, Armenia, followed by a Master's in Physics from ETH and then a PhD in Biomedical Imaging from the University of Bern, but dropped out shortly before finishing it to start SuperAnnotate with his brother, Vahan. 

He was drawn to Switzerland for its exceptional study opportunities and found his passion for AI during his time at ETH Zurich. While he was doing his PhD, Tigran and his brother entered an expo with an early prototype of the SuperAnnotate management system, where they not only won but gained investment traction, which clearly signaled to Tigran that they needed to start a company as soon as possible, even if it meant not completing his PhD.

Being brothers and co-founders, Tigran and Vahan emphasize the advantages of their strong bond and collaborative decision-making. Today, their company caters to key industries such as healthcare, big tech, and robotics. They want to continue driving innovation in AI data management, and their goals for expansion are ambitious.

Memorable quotes:

“When you get so excited about the tech that you don't even finish your PhD in order to start the company, investors can see how committed you are to it”

“Just because your business starts off with hype, doesn’t mean you are guaranteed success. That was a really humbling experience for us.”

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