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Cédric Waldburger, Tomahawk venture partner, Swisspreneur Podcast

EP #328 - Cédric Waldburger: Extreme Traveling, Calculated Investing

Cédric Waldburger

July 3, 2023

8:17 - The great 24 hour adventure 

15:15 - Dealing with the crypto dip

18:52 - How to handle market collapse 

25:55 - The impact of inflation when holding cash 

39:05 - Advice for investing in uncertain times 

About Cédric Waldburger:

Cédric Waldburger describes himself as a startup investor, an essentialist, and an explorer, and from a young age he knew he wanted to start his own ventures: his first was at 14. He went on to get a degree in Electrical Engineering from ETH Zurich. He has built and sold companies in various creative, consumer, and blockchain spaces, giving him a wealth of experience. In 2020 he co-founded Tomahawk, which provides early-stage venture investments to Web3-focused entrepreneurs.


A true digital nomad and adventurer at heart, Cédric decided to fulfill his childhood dream: after spending a lot of time reading the Guinness world book of records, he set his sights on one of the challenges, which was to travel to as many countries as possible in 24 hours. He succeeded by going to 32 countries. This adventurous but calculated spirit comes across in his investment style, which follows a system that values consistency and structure, and always investing with intuition versus emotion.


He is continually assessing the markets and predicting where he can. Still, he doesn’t let it worry him anymore – he focuses on building long-term and trusts that keeping an eye on things, building relationships, and trusting his gut is enough to manage his investments well and hopefully get into real estate in the future. Real estate excites him because the investment opportunities are always increasing and rarely decrease, and thus it’s an industry that’s fundamentally longer term.

Memorable quotes:

It can be dangerous to get FOMO when you’re an investor.”

“Avoid buying when prices are high and selling when they’re low. Don’t let emotions distract you.”

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