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Lars Mangelsdorf
Co-founder, CCO Yokoy
Lars is the co-founder and CCO at Yokoy, where he has built the entire sales organization from scratch. He was previously a sales executive at the Swiss scaleup Beekeeper.
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Recommended Sales Tools for Startups

CRMs - Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive - Crucial to managing your salespipeline efficiently, especially as you grow.
CRMs for LinkedIn - Octopus, Interseller, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Hunter.io - Make LinkedIn a power tool for your lead generation.
Screen recording apps - Loom or Soapbox - An easy way to record quick demos without needing to get on a call.

Free Sales Templates for Startups

Cold Email template #1 - These are some of the templates that Swisspreneur Show Host Silvan uses in his day job as Enterprise Account Director at Rentouch.
Cold email template #2 - More inspiration for tried and tested cold emails from our Host Silvan.
Cold call script template -  Getting on the phone can be scary. This script can give you some guidance on how to structure your conversations with prospects. It has been developed by Swisspreneur Host Silvan's first company - Gymhopper.

Other Sales Resources

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